Richard Uses Macintosh Computers


Here I have placed some links to places on the information superhighway that interest me.

Links will open in a separate window. None of the sites sponsor RichardZoll.com.

Apple Computer - My Preference for Audio / Video and things digital.

Music Map - Very interesting way to get turned on to some obscure and new audio.

Camel Camel Camel - Track prices past as they relate to Amazon sales.

Geo Guessr - Get dropped into Google street view and figure out where you are!

You Tube Time Machine - Nostalgia. Really a great place to check out and aptly named.

A Good Movie To Watch - A great assistant when you need something new.

A Soft Murmer - A place to set the mood.

Deviant Art - The best place for eye candy online. Something for everyone.

NASA - Very interesting. It is your tax money, its good to see some of it go to good use.

Spotify - Good place to check out the latest music. Most artists put new releases here.

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