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Magnavox Stereo Tube Amplifier

Output tubes: 6BQ5 (4) Rectifier: 5U4GB (1) Phase Inverter Tubes: 6EU7 (2)

These are sought after for their real nice warm reproduction of sound and were originally available in home stereo consoles. This was rescued and any outdated parts were replaced and updated and the tubes all test really good. The sound on this unit is really good with no hiss or hum and it puts out approximately 15 watts per side or thirty watts overall. Modern power plugs added and RCA jacks as well as quality modern speaker connection terminals. These amplifiers sound real nice with sensitive speakers and a decent preamplifier. High quality sound with vinyl and analog source material as well as properly ripped digital files. Great for horn driven vintage speakers such as the heritage series Klipsch Heresy II I also have for sale.

I will provide a photofact, schematic and parts list to the buyer and send tubes removed and padded for shipping. Runs on 117 plus or minus 15% for US home use. Tubes are newish. Bring to room temp before powering and do not run without speakers attached. Any spare tubes I may or may not have for this unit will be included.